No matter who we are – It helps to talk about our problems.

Talking through our problems in a non-judgemental and empathetic environment will change our state of being.

Our world currently has a deficit of Empathy, which means there is a deficit of Vulnerability. Without Vulnerability we cannot have Empathy.

What is Counselling?

We live in an ever changing world of ideas, morals, behaviours, structures, cultures and environments. Therefore,we can become overwhelmed by the change -the change in our environment, in our career, in our relationships, in our lives.

The pressure of the ever-changing fast-paced living, in our work, home and social lives can take a huge toll on our emotion. Affectingour physical body, health and mental well being.

Many people will, at some point in their lives, find themselves in need to talk to a professional. Someone who will listen with empathy, listen with no judgement and be a reflective guide with absolute confidentiality.

The nature of counselling is a personal development process, because the counsellor offers reflective encouragement, guidance, and inspiration and of course challenges in managing and resolving practical, personal and relationship issues, in achieving goals, and in self-realisation.

The purpose of counselling is to assist the client to make their own choices and decisions. As a result, the therapist listens carefully and reflects or mirrors. In the work, the client awakens or is enabled to explore the issues and difficulties that he or she may be experiencing or feeling.


Fees and Duration

All Counselling sessions run for 1 hour. The session will include talk therapies, hypnosis, outdoor nature connection, mindfulness, and a host of other modalities. All are totally relaxing and designed to make you feel more positive and more in tune with who you are, allowing you to be the best you can be in life and work. The cost of a session is €40

“If I have no Honour or Integrity, then I have nothing.”

David Ellis

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