What is Crystal Therapy?

In ancient times, physical and spiritual healing were not separate. When a person was ill, they were treated holistically, meaning that the physician would not consider the ailment, but the whole being – body, mind and spirit. They would look for any imbalance in the energy field (aura) of the person and treat them with the crystal needed to bring their energy field back into balance. With their energy balanced once again, everything slotted back into place and the individual healed. 

If our energy is out of balance, we can experience: ill health, lack of well-being, tiredness, depression, stress, lack of self-esteem, inability to cope with ourselves and our life, just not feeling good. Physical, mental and emotional discomfort is often just blocked energy in the body which creates imbalance in us.

To be healthy, we need a high rate of vibration in all areas of our physical and energetic bodies. We need to have a clear Aura along with energized and balanced Chakra’s. If something enters the body which irritates the system, such as a bad food entering our digestive system, or a stressful situation disturbing our peace of mind, the result is a slowing down in the normal vibration pattern of the body, a clogging in the Auric field and Chakra System which can cause dis-ease or illness. (Dis-ease is the body in a state of being ‘not-at-ease’). We are then more susceptible to negative energies and harmful environmental influences which can invade us, and the cycle of poor health becomes self-perpetuating.

Crystals are living breathing energetic entities which have been around for millions of years. They absorb negative energy and radiate positive healing energy. Crystals have been used for balancing and healing throughout the ages. Each crystal has its own vibration. The energy they transmit has powerful effects on the different energy vibrations in a human being and therefore used for balancing, harmonizing and attuning body, mind and spirit. Through this balancing and attuning, they help us to heal ourselves

I invite you to begin your healing journey and ask that you open your heart to the wonderful possibilities that are available to you along this interesting and holistic journey.

Fees and Duration

Crystal Therapy sessions run for 1 hour. The session will include investigation talk therapy and is followed by relaxation techniques, the use of  Crystals, talk therapies, outdoor nature connection, mindfulness, and a host of other modalities.

The cost of a session is €40.00


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