COVID19 and The Armchair Warriors.

I must admit, when this Corona Virus Pandemic broke out, my biggest concern was not the virus itself, but the darkness and unkindness of humanity. 

Human beings all carry light and dark within, we are all both good and evil, it is in the familiarisation of the whole self, the knowing and acceptance of our Light and Shadow sides,  that we can choose which energy we will yield at any given time. It is always a choice of whether we choose Love or hatred, it is always a choice whether we choose Light or dark.

Yesterday I experienced the darkest of what humanity had to offer as the Arm Chair Warriors spewed and vomited their venomous comments on one of my business pages. Foul language from creative designers, abuse and bullying from journalists and threats from other people left me hurt and stunned at how heartless human beings will become when they have no control or when they have no leader to guide them. 

Our government decided to place the responsibility of managing and curbing this pandemic on its citizens, asking people to self-isolate and to social distance themselves. Allowing businesses to remain open without proper guidance or guidelines, leaving people confused and angry. People are social creatures, so they are not going to self-isolate, and they need leadership and without it, there is confusion. One man told me I was a disgrace to open my business with the country in quarantine, the country is NOT in quarantine, it should be, but it’s not. Our airports and ports are open, we are allowing the world come in and out of our little country at will. This pandemic will never end until each and every country closes it borders for three weeks.

Now I fully understand, the false power that the Arm Chair Warrior feels as he/she self gratifies while spewing and vomiting abuse at those who are trying to help others or to survive, because the Arm Chair Warrior, is all about “Me, Me, Me”. The personality type Narcissist, comes to mind. We all know that narcissists are bullies, which means they are cowards, hiding in fear.

But I thought I could mention at this point; instead of vomiting abuse, how about spending time in reflection, introspection, looking at all the hurt you may have caused others by your words and actions. Maybe you could look inside and find that Light, that is there, but has just gone dim from all the pain and hurt that you yourself have suffered, and instead of being a bully, be a hero and begin to heal, learn to Love and Care for others instead of hurting them.

This goes for each and every one of us, this is a perfect time to reflect on our lives and look at our demons and become familiar with those demons that keep us from being our happy selves, maybe if we start to forgive others and self, we might be able to refrain from judging others, or at the least, judge ourselves before we judge others.

In this time of Human suffering, we need to stand together, be together and care for each-other and return the kindness to the Humankind.

  • David Ellis
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“If I have no Honour or Integrity, then I have nothing”

David Ellis

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