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Choosing the right Help


Things to consider when choosing someone to help you.

Choosing a Coach, Consultant or Therapist can be a daunting task, because this relationship must be based on Trust and Non-Judgement because of the Vunerability it raises.

According to experts in mental health practice, who the therapist is as a person is one of the most important variables influencing the success or failure of therapy. In other words, the therapist’s personal qualities mean just as much – if not more – than his or her professional skills.

When you are seeking a therapist, it can be helpful to ponder what personal qualities you value in this kind of provider. Here are some characteristics that research has shown are important:

  • Courage – Therapists need to be vulnerable at times, admitting their mistakes and imperfections and being willing to take the same risks they would expect clients to take.
  • Willingness to model new behaviors – Therapists teach largely by example.
  • Presence – Therapists should not being distracted, but instead be fully attentive to what is going on in the moment with their clients.
  • Goodwill, genuineness, and caring – Having a sincere interest in the welfare of others is essential to being an effective therapist.
  • Belief in the therapy process – Therapists need to believe in what they are doing in order to facilitate meaningful change.
  • Openness – Therapists must be willing to reveal enough of themselves to give clients a sense of who they are as a person.
  • Nondefensiveness – Therapists should be frank and nondefensive when faced with criticism from clients. Otherwise, clients may receive the message that openness and honesty are not really valued in the therapeutic relationship.
  • Cultural awareness – Therapists need to be aware of the cultural issues that may impact the therapeutic relationship.


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