The mistakes we make and our choices to learn from them.

Learning From Mistakes 

The Universe, being the stars, moon, sun, earth, galaxies near and far, humans, animals, plants, oceans and all the energy in between, is the greatest University of all learning. I must be honest and tell you, I only became a student when my Dad died in 1998. Prior to that, well, I knew everything. I was successful, had the right car, great businesses, dressed in designer suits and was materially content.

 Would I learn from mistakes I had made. But when I joined this University, I realised, all I had learned, throughout my life was survival and accumulation of materialism.  A veneer I could shroud myself in, to hide the real truth. To escape from the pain of being me. The pain of my mistakes and the acceptance of those mistakes to be mine.

Accumulating Wealth 

I knew nothing at all about life, I only knew about accumulation and veneers. I knew nothing of failure, or the great success of failure. As I began my studies in the Universe University, the study of the journey within, and to look at what was beyond the veneer. I wondered would I ever qualify from this University, and now, almost 20 years on, I know the answer is no. Never.

The Universe University is Intelligent, Sophisticated, Eloquent and Gentle. Yet Determined and Persistent and will continue to pose challenge after challenge until we wake up. Or  until we learn, until we get it. It is not always easy the learning from mistakes.

That learning can be easy or difficult, with outcomes that may be sweet or bitter, that is our choice. We choose whether we wish to learn from our mistakes or not. We choose our own path, but all paths are of Divine planning and all paths are determined by our Moral Compass. Our free will is not compromised in any way. We choose the way we live and how we live. The Universe simply shows us the sign posts. We choose to read them on not.

Learning from mistakes , yours and theirs

Will We Ever Learn

The Learning Path 

You might think, why would anybody not want to learn from their mistakes. Well the human mind is complex and when there is a separation between the Heart and the Mind. In other words, when the ego has taken control of the thinking process, then learning and indeed living is impaired.

An example of this is when we are in pursuit of “having fun”. In other words, when we become confused with “having fun” and “taking risks”. The ego driven mind will come up with statements such as “I’m only young” or “so I make mistakes, so what”.  Or “drink doesn’t affect me” or “drugs are not addictive to me” or “Its ok to steal from rich people, they have more than enough”. There is a complete breakdown in the thinking process and the ego is now in charge.

Once the ego is running the show there can be no learning or desire to learn from our mistakes. therefore on that particular learning journey,  the Universe will continually up the ante until we get it. Until we learn.

Your Perfect Ego 

When I refer to upping the ante, I am not referring to Universal punishment. However let me be clear, punishment comes to those of us who refuse to change our ways or change patterns. The universe does not punish us. We create our own path that will inevitably lead us to the relevant punishment suitable for our errors. When we choose to continue to follow a particular path that has been identified for us as “not being a good path for us” yet we refuse to see the sign posts. Refuse to listen or take advice, mainly because the ego is at play or addiction has taken dominion.

The Universe will raise the stakes until we get it, and getting it can be very costly and that cost may be money. It may be a relationship with someone special, it may be your health, it may me your freedom. Whatever is relevant at the time. When we lose what is precious to us we begin a healing journey, we begin a learning, as I did when my Dad died, OR we retaliate with anger and again we choose not to learn and the ante is raised again. We all make mistakes, we all mess up, each and every one of us have done things in our past and present that we are not proud of or not happy with.

Learning From Your Mistakes 

We all have dark secrets that are best left in the dark and in most cases we truly regret, whatever it was that we have done. We made a mistake, an error in judgement that may have lead us to a place of utter darkness and yet at the same time, brought us pleasure and escapism. But at a cost to others or self.

Most of the time we would love to go back and undo what we have done. Undo that mistake. Undo the hurt caused to others. But sometimes we are more regrettable or sorry because we got caught and therefore not remorseful at all for the act itself.

As a result of our mistakes, we may seek the help of others, close friends, attend therapy or counselling, in that process if we are remorseful for what we have done, a change happens, a learning occurs and a great healing presents itself.


However if deep down the real truth is, we are only sorry for being caught. What happens is this: we go though the process of help, because we are so overwhelmed after being caught. We then think we are sorry, but over a short time our actions become incongruent with our words as the ego fights the process. The Mind and Heart are disconnected and it becomes a struggle to remain “good” because in reality we are not truly sorry for our mistakes. We are only sorry we got caught.

When this is the case, there has been no learning, no healing. All that happens is, the ego gets clever. So the Universe will no doubt up the ante to assist us in our learning.

So as we reflect on our mistakes, and we are really true to ourselves. Are we sorry for the choices we made or are we sorry we got caught. It’s an interesting question.

The University of the Universe. What a great learning experience

– David Ellis


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“If I have no Honour or Integrity, then I have nothing.”

David Ellis

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