Are you a parent struggling that your child may be gay?

Being a parent is not easy and as children grow into adolescence it is more difficult as adolescents is an interesting time for both parents and children. It’s a time of transition for both. A time when the child is finding their own identify separate to the parent. Finding out who they are and how far they can push boundaries. Some see this time as rebellious. Others see it as growth. 

But for parents, this is the time when their sons and daughters are transitioning into young men and woman and in that transition, their sexuality is emerging, be that gay or straight. 

Parents experience confusion and worry around this transition as they may feel completely unprepared for this next stage of parenthood. It’s a time for parents to let go as well as hold on. It’s confusing. 

What is more confusing is, if their child is gay because the parent has not experienced this for themselves. Therefore may bring a whole new set of questions and concerns.

It is good to talk with someone who understands. 

Meetings with David Ellis

David has vast experience in counselling, hypnotherapy and listening. He now offers his expertese, advise, wisdom, counsel and knowledge for free, so that people who need help can get help. He will meet with you and just listen. No judgement. David wishes to help Parents to understand and accept their Children for who they are. David provides confidential consultations in open and quiet spaces in Nature. He believes that the journey of Parent and Child is invaluable in the growth of the Child and the transition from Child to Adult.

Fees and Duration

All sessions run for 1 hour. The session will include talk therapies, outdoor nature connection, mindfulness, and a host of other modalities. All are totally relaxing and designed to make you, the client feel more positive and more in tune with who you are, allowing you to be the best you can be in life and work. The cost of a session is €40.00

“If I have no Honour or Integrity, then I have nothing.”

David Ellis

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