Mindfulness to Heartfulness

Transcend into your true self and be at one with the moment



“A mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment. Also while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique.” Oxford Dictionary Definition

The art of acknowledging the present without judgement or perception is an enlightening experience. One in which you are truly aware of the ability to control that moment in a positive way. So much emphasis is given to perceptions of the past and the forebodings of the future yet these are exactly the entities that we are unable to control or change.

The practice of mindfulness, when guided by an experienced teacher, can be life changing; creating an awareness and acceptance of the present and providing the mechanism to manage each moment in a fulfilling way.

Embrace the moment and achieve inner peace in everyday living through meditation


Heartfulness opens the energy of the Heart, as now, science has established that the Heart-Mind Connection is greater than ever expected, with the Heart sending more information to the Mind than viss versa. Science has also established that the Heart has its own Electromagnetic field.

Moving from Mindfulness to Heartfulness allows the information to flow uninterrupted between both the Mind and the Heart. The practices bring about the capacity to open heart awareness as our overlighting, overknowing organ of deep presence – to ourselves, others, the world, and the Universe. 

Mindfulness to Heartfulness with David Ellis

The process is a truly relaxing and enlightening experience where David facilitates the transcending journey into the Universal Oneness of connection and David will teach you the techniques to enter this state of relaxation by yourself.

Allow David guide you into that place of total relaxation. In this place, your mind, body and spirit connect. As a result, you become one as you drift into the subconscious.

Mindfulness to Heartfulness with David is truly a relaxing and enlightening experience where you can transcend into the gap. The gap is the space between thought, between consciousness and subconsciousness. That space where we can connect to the past, and future, to realms of understanding, realms of other worlds, and the spirit world.

In the gap, we connect with Source, our lifeforce, the pure energy of our existence and the cosmos.

We become fully centred and connected with every aspect of Universal consciousness and every cell of our own being and in that connection, we become enlightened with wisdom and knowledge.

We gain such wisdom, we know is real and truth, and yet have no idea how we gained such insight.

He believes that the journey inward is a precious and invaluable journey, that requires an investment of time and money, and a connection with the Universe as a whole.

David works a little differently than most therapist. He believes that the mind is not separate from the body and that the heart is a key feature in the integration of self. When attending a mindfulness to heartfulness session with David, he may take you for a walk on the grounds, or bring you to the river, or sit in the temple or sit in the pyramid. So please bring comfortable walking shoes and a jacket. 



The Positive Mind Clinic

The Positive Mind Clinic is located on 4 acres of landscaped gardens designed specifically to promote inner peace and tranquillity. The Clinic itself is well appointed, accommodating two therapy rooms, a class room, a library, and a relaxation area. Tea or Coffee and refreshments are available at no additional cost.

David encourages his clients to spend time in nature. The grounds of the Clinic are peaceful, scenic and beautiful and encompass a river walk, temple of Deity and a full-sized pyramid, making Atlantis an ideal starting point to commune with Nature and begin this journey.



Fees and Duration

The Mindfulness to Heartfulness Course run over 4 weeks, with each program segment running for 4 hours per week. The program is designed for 6 to 12 delegates.

Course times start at 9 am, with a break for Coffee/Tea and conclude at 1.30 pm.

Tea Coffee and light lunch is included in the package.

The cost of this course is €1500 for attendance at The Positive Mind. Please contact us for prices for David to attend your Office or Business.



“If I have no Honour or Integrity, then I have nothing.”

David Ellis

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