Are you struggling with your sexual identity?

At adolescence, which can occur from 10 to 14, and there are no ages set in stone, we begin to become sexual and sexually attracted. The changes occur due to hormonal changes in mind and body so just thinking about someone that you might find attractive can cause physical arousal. That attraction may be same sex or opposite sex and there is no harm in either. 

New feelings and new experiences can be confusing, and even overwhelming that can also trigger guilt and shame. 

Often times young people explore sexual activity with others of the same sex, some feel good afterwards, while others feel guilty afterwards. Some become stuck in the belief because they enjoyed the experience, that they may be gay, and become more shameful and guilt ridden, others are comfortable with the experience, knowing that they are really straight, or that they are gay. But even in the knowing, there is accepting and being accepted by others, which is what causes the main issues.

Because of social norms, young people worry about fitting in, where they may fit and with whom. This all creates isolation and loneliness.  

Do you worry about

Will I have to hide who I am.

What will my Dad think of me. 

Will my Dad still love me. 

Will I be thrown out of the house. 

Will my Mum still love me. 

Will my Mum be disappointed. 

How will my brother feel. 

How will my Sister react.

How will my best friend react. 

Being straight or gay, is not a choice. There are many interpretations of our orientation origin and in reality it does not matter because the only choice you have is to live a lie or live your truth. So many men and woman live this lie, they hide their true feelings, live unhappy lives, have families who are also unhappy and never become their truth. 

Its good to talk to a professional who understands

Meetings with David Ellis

David has vast experience in counselling, hypnotherapy and listening. He now offers his expertese, advise, wisdom, counsel and knowledge for free, so that people who need help can get help. He will meet with you and just listen. No judgement. David offers a kind, non-judgemental, caring and empathic approach to this very delicate matter. He is very experienced in this field and wishes to help young people to understand and accept their own identity and sexuality and live their truth.

David provides confidential consultations in his clinic in Quesada. He believes that the journey of the Child is invaluable in the growth of that Child and the transition from Child to Adult. 

Fees and Duration

Session time is one hour.   There is NO cost for the session 

“If I have no Honour or Integrity, then I have nothing.”

David Ellis

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