What is Holistic Therapy

Holistic Therapy is a form of healing that considers the whole person – Body, Mind and Spirit. The primary goal of holistic therapy in its practice, is to bring balance to all aspects of the individual.

When any one part of the body is in distress, the entire body becomes out of alignment. In this way, if a person has an imbalances within their physical, mental or spiritual aspects of self, their lives can be negatively affected and  their overall health.

David has studied Colour Therapy, Crystal Therapy and REIKI. He has given courses on Colour and Crystal Therapy at the Atlantis Institute, given talks at various venues on the subject and has two new books being published in 2020 A course in Colour Therapy and A course in Crystal Therapy.

David has also published the Mind-Heart Connection which demonstrates the importance of operating from our Heart Space and the holistic nature of positive affirmations.

In Holistic Therapy, David works with Colour Therapy, Crystal Therapy and REIKI in unison.


Fees and Duration

All Holistic Therapy sessions run for 1 hour. The session will include investigation talk therapy and is followed by relaxation techniques, the use of Colour Silks, Crystals, talk therapies, outdoor nature connection, mindfulness, and a host of other modalities.

The cost of a session for is €40.00

“If I have no Honour or Integrity, then I have nothing.”

David Ellis

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