3 Ways to Deter the Effect of the Cyber Bully

We live in an era where we spend lots of our time online. Whether it’s for pleasure, study or business.

Younger people spend even more on line.

This lifestyle and activity has created an anonymous space where cyber bullies can flourish and grow and cause havoc on their prey.

We have come to think that only kids are cyber bullied online when in fact that’s not the case.

Yes, kids are bullied as they have not learned the coping skills of life as yet and therefore need more minding than any other sector mentioned here. But adults and businesses are also being cyber bullied every single day. But we just don’t like to talk about that.

In Cyberspace the bully is faceless. This suits the bully so well because the bully is in fact a coward. From behind their keyboard, their identity is secure and safe as they hurdle abuse on others.

cyber bully

This style of bullying occurs in young and old as mentioned above and across a diverse media. The cyber bully sits behind their computer and launches abuse, bullying comments, demands and writing unfounded comments and reviews against businesses across an entire array of social media for their pleasure.

3 Ways to Deter the Effect of Cyber Bullying

#1 Do Not React To Cyber Bullies

When it comes to someone gaining pleasure out of the cyber bullying of others;

Reaction is their fuel.

No matter how damning or hurtful the comments are –



When a person decides to share an opinion online that is deliberately hurtful to another, that person, in many cases, is seeking the justification, agreement or even the outrage of others in order to fuel the cyber bullying fire.

Sometimes there may be an underlying reason for this. The cyber bully may feel unloved themselves, feel insignificant or just angry and unhappy with life and finds that to use words as a weapon that may potentially throw these emotions onto others, is a way of release for them.

If you don’t react, they do not have the power to continue in creating the same impact as they may have done with their initial words. Repeating the same diatribe over and over quickly loses appeal as it may seem that no one is listening.

However, cyber bullying on line becomes infectious inciting others to join, resulting in the bullied being terrified and often suicidal.

cyber bullyIt is a strange psychology of the Human mind. When some people see others being put down, hurt, abused or bullied they have a yearning desire to join in for the laugh or as a joke. They don’t realise it yet, but they too are bullies. The cyber bully invokes other bullies and the people who follow the conversation trail and further fuel the fire by discussing the subject indirectly, can inadvertently also add fuel to the fire by ‘spreading the word’.

We have seen this with the growing trend of the media to report on familiar faces, I cannot say celebrities, who make a living from deliberately targeting the weak online and publishing online vitriol about them.

These people have realised that establishing themselves as recognised cyber bullies will keep them in the media eye and furnish them with an opening into the sphere of celebrity whilst maybe also adding to their future earnings.

This option to become a ready-made online celebrity by using words to target the weak, has only been made available due to the willingness of others to assimilate, react and spread their vitriol for them.

The popularity for feeding off cyber bullies is then taken up by the media who recognise that this popularity, if reported, will get them more readers and so they search out and report on more. Hence a vicious cyber bully cycle begins.

So, again, don’t react. Whether the words are directly aimed at you, aimed at your contacts or just appear in your online feed about unknown people or businesses; don’t react.

#2 Report Cyber Bullies

cyber bullyIf you cannot sit by and watch as someone is bullied online, there are other ways to combat the cyber bully without reacting and adding fuel to the fire.

The majority of online platforms like Facebook and Twitter have terms and conditions of use that are strongly against any form of cyber bullying.

Familiarise yourself with these terms and then use the official reporting path to make sure that the moderators of these platforms are aware of the type of cyber bullying that may be occurring on their app.

They will be able to take certain steps to limit, block or delete the cyber bully or their words if the message or wording they are using is contrary to their conditions of use.

It will not completely stop cyber bullying, however it can make a cyber-bully more aware that what they are doing is wrong on both a personal and business /official level.

#3 Talk to Someone

When you are weak, the bully grows stronger and more bullying occurs. If you feel threatened or hurt by the comments written by a cyber-bully on line; talk to someone. Talk to your parents, friends or family. Talk to your boss or school teacher. You can even TALK TO ME.

Cyber Bully

If you are one of those people that needs to join in;

remember that your words mean something, that cruel comment that you type without a second thought can destroy someone’s life, your words are weapons so be careful how you use them.


-David Ellis

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“If I have no Honour or Integrity, then I have nothing.”

David Ellis

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